January 18th, 2022 Monthly Meeting: “Supporting Gender Diverse Children” with Kendall McSweeney and Robyn Lalani from the BC Children’s Gender Clinic

This January we will be receiving a talk from the BCCH Gender Clinic. Our presenters will be  Kendall McSweeney (she, her, hers) MSW, RSW and Robyn Lalani (she, her, hers) MSW, RSW. 

The Gender Clinic is a youth-focused and family-centered clinic housed under Endocrinology at BC Children’s Hospital.  Through their roles as clinic social workers, Kendall and Robyn support gender-diverse children, youth, and their families in navigating both community and medical resources. In this talk, Kendall and Robyn will share their experiences working with gender-diverse children, youth, and families. They will speak to supporting youth in their gender exploration and transition, on how to create an environment that contributes to youth feeling affirmed, and provide more information about the Gender Clinic at BCCH.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday January 18th, 10:30-12pm. We acknowledge that this meeting is being held at a different time than usual due to scheduling challenges. We really hope that you are able to attend. And fortunately, for those who cannot, we have received the OK to record the session so it will become available to view later on our website. For meeting link, please email: aris@develop.bc.ca.

We thank Kendall and Robyn who will be our presenters and they have passed on some videos that you have the option to watch as a good introduction to gender that can lead up to the presentation:http://www.phsa.ca/transcarebc/gender-basics-education/education-resources/online-courses