June 6, 2023. Lunch & Learn!

Hi everyone,

We are approaching another month!! And with that, means another Lunch & Learn – time where we can spend one lunch hour each month, together with other clinicians, diving into current research regarding infant mental health. Here is the next article we will tackle as a group: The ethics of infant and early childhood mental health practice (Izaak Lim, Jon Korfmacher, Alison Steier, Charles Zeanah, Paula D. Zeanah). The article can be found here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/share/Y2VXDTR7UJTIQX4CEQIT?target=10.1002/imhj.22055.
We look forward to your engagement with this article!

Please email aris@develop.bc.ca for the Zoom link.