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Here are some upcoming collaborative training opportunities in infant mental health. The monthly WCAIMH meetings the second Thursday of the month, 5:15pm to 6:45pm, and are held at:

BC Children’s and Women’s Health Centre

Ambulatory Care Building #44, Room K0-156
1 floor down from main entrance near Starbucks

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Scroll down to find upcoming events you can attend!

International Attachment Conference – June 29 to July 1, 2017: London, UK

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Putting attachment theory to work: From basic science to clinical application. IAC Registration

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Adult Attachment Institute in Vancouver – July 10 to 21, 2017

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This is your opportunity to learn to administer the Adult Attachment Interview!. AAI Institutes are offered several times a year in various world-wide locations for participants who wish to learn to classify transcripts of the Adult Attachment Interview. Current certified trainers and the upcoming Institutes they are offering are posted as they become available on the website ‘’. The AAI Institute in Vancouver will be co-facilitated by two certified AAI trainers, Dr. Naomi Gribneau Bahm (Berkeley, CA) and Dr. Sonya Vellet (Vancouver, BC). AAI Institute General Info_Vancouver_July_2017_Feb16_2017...

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Past events – WCAIMH Talk: February 23, 2017 – Working with Refugee Families

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PRESENTATION: The complexities of working with refugee families in Canada: understanding the difficult life experiences of refugee parents and their young children with a focus on understanding the impact on parenting and children’s mental health.   Paula and Aline will explore questions of central interest to those seeking to understand the impact of refugee experiences on parents and their young children and allow time for a meaningful discussion about these important questions. For example, what does parenting look like in other cultures? What does “keeping your child safe” mean to you? What does it mean for someone who has experienced the catastrophe of war, flood, or famine to find safety for their children? How does generational camp life affect parenting? What does it mean if you are illiterate in your own language? What does it mean if you have no control over your reproductive health? How has the Syrian crisis changed our community….why is it different from other refugee experiences? What kinds of supports and interventions help such parents and young children? What does not help?   SPEAKERS: Paula Church is the Program Manager of the First Steps Early Years Refugee Settlement and Coordinator of the Newton Early Years Centre Program in Surrey BC., affiliated with the Provincial Office of the Early Years. Her formal training is in Early Childhood Education, but she has expanded her knowledge and experience with an extensive work history serving young children and parents/families. She has twenty-two years front-line work experience at one largest service agencies in the province, and within the fastest growing cities of the province (e.g., Surrey). She spent 14 years working for a young parent program connecting teen mothers and their infant children, followed by working one-to-one in an outreach capacity to families with children 0-6 YO. She has delivered multiple parenting groups including Nobody’s Perfect Parenting and Systematic Effective Parent Training and coordinated a family resource program in Cloverdale.   Aline Mananda is an Early Childhood settlement worker for First Steps and works for another program within same organization (Options) that helps support families in need in Surrey area as an outreach worker. She is originally from Rwanda (Africa) and came to Canada as a refugee herself. She has worked in the past for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) in her home country. In that role she had the opportunity to work with refugees who were returning home after the Rwandan genocide and also new refugees fleeing from neighboring countries due to war and unrest in their country of origin. She is an Early Childhood Educator by training and worked as a preschool teacher at one of the largest French schools in Surrey for many years. She has an extensive background of providing care in various daycares and preschools including a Family Daycare she started/owned herself. The latter experience really gave her an opportunity to engage with families in the community and find out firsthand what their needs were. She has a passion for children and families and feels privileged to be able to give back and help refugee families settle and raise their families in...

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Past events – WCAIMH Talk: January 26, 2017 – Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Early Childhood DC:0-5

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SPEAKER: Dr. Sonya Nicole Vellet, Psychologist TOPIC: An overview and discussion of clinical perspectives” will focus on key articles in the most recent IMHJ (Volume 37, Number 5, Sept-Oct, 2016) including one on Relational  Pathology by Zeanah et al., and two commentaries by IMH experts. A link to access the articles will be posted in the New Year.

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Past Events – WCAIMH Talk: November 24, 2016 – Separated or Divorced Families and Mental Illness

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SPEAKER: Elizabeth (Liz) Sourisseau, M.A., M.A., Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician, Surrey, BC TOPIC: This presentation will address issues that arise in the context of children under six years with mental health issues whose parents who are separated or divorced and have an acrimonious relationship. The focus will be on what the challenges there are and how to navigate and address them.  

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Past Events – WCAIMH Talk: October 27, 2016 – Anxiety in Young Children and a New Promising Intervention – Little Champions

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SPEAKER: Danielle Kavin, M.A. R.C.C. has been a clinician with Child and Youth Mental for the past 10 years with a focus on the early years for the past eight years. She is also a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at SFU. SUMMARY: Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health concern for children. Little Champions is an anxiety intervention for children ages 4-7 years and their parents. Danielle will review with is the Little Champions intervention, its application for a younger population and a summary of her doctoral...

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Past Events: WCAIMH Talk – September 22, 2016: Book review of The Handbook of Attachment, 3rd Ed.

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SPEAKER: Dr. Nicole Sonya Vellet, psychologist with Vellet and Associates, Vancouver, BC SUMMARY: The new edition of The Handbook of Attachment has just been released and Dr. Vellet will provide an overview of the book to determine if members of WCAIMH might be interested in joining some other colleagues for a collaborative study group to review the book in detail. This highly anticipated book is of great importance to our work in infant mental health. Here is the link to the ordering website if you would like a copy: Handbook of...

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Past Events: WCAIMH Talk – June 23, 2016: The Infant and Early Childhood Court Team Model

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SPEAKER: Nicole Sonya Vellet, PhD, RPsych, Psychologist, Vellet & Associates Child Psychological Services, Inc., Vancouver, BC SUMMARY: How the Courts, Child Welfare agencies, and related child-serving organizations can work together to meet the developmental and mental health needs of infants and young children in foster care. When families are involved in the court system,infants and young children can be forgotten or misrepresented. Our speaker has worked intensively in Canada to educated judges, lawyers, social workers and others in this system to learn how to listen to the needs of young children who cannot speak for...

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Past Events – WCAIMH Talk – April 28, 2016: BC Children’s Infant Psychiatry Program

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SPEAKER: Dr. Megan McFadden, Director of the Infant Psychiatry Program at BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC SUMMARY: The BC Children’s Hospital is at the forefront of cutting edge work with young families. The Infant Psychiatry Program provides inpatient and outpatient assessment and treatment. Come and hear about the program and it’s innovative approach to helping families with young children.

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Past Events – WCAIMH Talk – March 26, 2015: Young Children and Gender Issues

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SPEAKER: Dr. Wallace Wong, child psychologist, Surrey Child and Youth Mental Health   SUMMARY: Gender identity and expression is one’s sense of their own being in a world of roles and expectations. When does this develop? Is it nature or nurture or a combination? Come hear Dr. Wong talk about the current thinking and research around this important topic.

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